Flawless Consulting Part 2: Discovery & Feedback

Flawless consulting

Even the best of consulting relationships can get difficult when we decide to move ahead with a project and gather the data we need to solve the business problem. Our problem: we often ignore the political system we are operating in and focus on just data and facts. We view the personal complaints from people in the system as distractions. We also intuitively realize that what the client wants won’t solve the problem. So how do we tell the client what we know they do not want to hear?

Too often, we take the easy road and ignore the underlying issues.

This workshop, designed by Peter Block helps internal consultants provide real feedback in ways that build the client/consultant relationship and build trust. Rather than living as if we are trapped by the political system, we develop the skills to become advocates for our clients’ own self-discovery and self-sufficiency. This workshop will focus on:

  • Discovery Phase
  • Probing to Discover the Underlying Dimensions of the Problem
  • Using Interviews to Understand the System and Build Relationships
  • Organizing the Data into Critical Issues
  • Dealing with Resistance in Interviews and the Feedback Meeting
  • Constructing Descriptive, Non-evaluative Feedback Statements

In this workshop, participants will…

  • Practice a data collection or discovery model
  • Conduct interviewing meetings to collect data around a business issue
  • Deal with resistance in the data collection process
  • Gain skills in turning recommendations into a decision to act
  • Conduct a successful feedback meeting
  • Identify methods for mapping out action steps with client prior to implementation
  • Increase client commitment

The Flawless Consulting Workshops are highly interactive. You will become deeply immersed in the material through interactive simulations with one or two other attendees. The workshop also includes written exercises to apply key concepts to your own unique situation. In addition, video-recording and peer feedback in small groups help participants gain confidencein using the new skills. Finally, you will have the opportunity to experience a full feedback meeting. In addition, you will work as part of an actual consulting team to practice contracting meetings, data collection interviews and feedback meetings. Brief lectures are used to present initial key concepts.

Pre-requisite: Attend Flawless Consulting® Part 1 – Contracting.

Register for Flawless Consulting Part 1 and 2 together at SGD$3000 per participant. Early bird fee: SGD$2850 per participant (register and pay by 8 Apr 2016). Group registration fee: SGD$2750 per participant (2 or more participants from the same organization, register and pay by 8 Apr 2016)

This workshop fee includes all workshop materials.

Please email enquiries@flamecentre.com for more information.

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