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Why we need future-fit skills? 

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Why Future-fit Skills Are Important

These meta skills help us to be ready for the ever-changing future of work. 


Consider the impact when a professional is undeveloped in these future ready skills: 

  • Adaptability
    Finding change unsettling and stressful, and wishing for more certainty and stability, thereby not seizing the opportunities from change. 


  • Digital fluency
    Avoiding technology, gadgets or new softwares because it seems stressful to figure out how to use them or keep up with them.


  • Global perspective
    Not seeing the big picture or the connection between larger global issues to potential impact on one’s work or organization, thereby not anticipating or taking pre-emptive actions.


  • Learning agility
    Learning slowly, not grasping new ideas or skills quickly, feeling stagnant and unable to break through barriers in one’s upskilling and growth.


  • Self management
    Feeling tired, listless and overwhelmed, thereby unable to bring one’s self best forward at work to be productive and effective, and also enjoy life in general. 


Develop these future fit capabilities with the right frameworks, tools and skills in these workshops. In addition, we have a community and periodic meetups to help you hone these skills continuously: 

  • Whole Person | Whole Team
    Choose this if you want to be part of a team that is united in your mission, shares accountability for results and cares for one another as colleagues. 


  • Learning Agility 
    Choose this if you want to make a step improvement in how you learn, so that you learn fast and be skilled fast. 


  • Whole Person | Whole Leader 
    Choose this if you manage a team and know that you need to be whole yourself, take care of your own well being and be resilient, so that you enable your team to be resilient and agile too. 

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