Collaborating with You in Instructional Design

As curators of learning, we understand that learning is a process, not an event. The capability of your people determines your success. Organizations need a consistent language and frameworks to align to its internal processes and culture.

We Provide Instructional Design Services that

  • Help people learn better
  • Are contextualized and customized
  • Have real time team based application
  • Maximize experiential learning
  • Impact the actions, mindset and being
  • Move learning beyond the classroom to the workplace


For Our Clients, This Means That

  • New skills and knowledge stick better
  • Application to the workplace is immediate
  • Return of investment on training is maximized

The Elements of our Design Consist of

  • Use of external actors
  • Video recording and feedback
  • Psychometric tools
  • Intentional role plays and simulation
  • Coaching
  • Project work
  • Follow-up sessions
  • Measurements


When to Work with Us

Typically our clients are government and multi-national companies who come to us when:

  • There is no suitable off-the-shelf solution
  • They want to align the training content to their internal frameworks, processes and culture
  • They want help putting together the curriculum and train internal facilitators to conduct it
  • There is something unique that they need to create to address their challenges

Examples of our Instructional Design Services

  • Technology of Facilitation for AVIVA
  • Difficult Conversations for Michelin
  • 10-day Behavioural Skills Training for Singapore Police Force
  • Performance Management for Civil Service College
  • Cross Cultural and Generational Collaboration for Emerson Process Management
  • Engagement and Leadership for SAF Centre of Leadership Development

Some of our Instructional Design Clients
123Working with Flame Consulting for us had been one of the best experience working with any other consulting firm in the past. We partnered to develop a workshop to help our people collaborate better across cultures and generations. Their flexibility and openness to inputs from us helped shaped the deliverables to exactly what we needed. I appreciate their approach in really understanding the issues and challenges for the client before they craft out an offering.The project that they have worked on for us has an Asia Pacific scope and we would consider rolling this out for other World Areas if suitable.
–  Anuradha Naik, Learning and Development Director, Emerson Process Management

Some of our Instructional Design Clients

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