Flawless Consulting Skills Workshop

What makes us trusted partners?
How do we deal with client resistance?
How can we gain influence without direct control?
What do we need to do differently to get our expertise used?
What does it take to build ownership and commitment in clients?
How can we discover the underlying dimensions of a problem to find the right solutions?

In many situations, our expertise does not give us control or even authority to make decisions or see the right solutions being implemented. So what is left? Collaborative relationships with our clients. There is a way to overcome this.

“The relationship is the primary vehicle for influence.”

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Flawless Consulting® 1: Contracting is the workshop developed by ground-breaking author Peter Block that served as the basis for his recently revised, best-selling Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used. Through powerful experiential designs, participants will learn how to have a 50/50 relationship with their clients.

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Flawless Consulting® 2: Discovery & Feedback will provide you with the skills to uncover the social system in which the technical solutions and recommendations you and the client develop will be put into action. Too often, we view this stage of the consulting process as data collection and diagnosis, failing to realize that the answer is already in the room. The work here is in negotiating client commitment and responsibility.

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Madelaine Zhang, HR Director

Flawless Consulting workshop is a good training for HR professionals. It helps HR professionals become real business partners through various approaches – contracting, discovery and feedback. What’s more important is that it helps HR staff think and act as professional consultants with their unique and powerful perspectives.

Sai Krishnan Mohan, Senior Consultant

Flame Centre conducted Flawless Consulting workshop for one of our leadership teams. It exceeded the expectations of the participants and sponsor by the quality of insights provided and the overall team engagement. Kang Yam has vast experience and engaged with our team really well. He understood and related to our team’s cultural nuances and their development needs. His work is greatly appreciated and we would like to partner with him in future too.

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