CareerPower for Managers®

CPP CLASSICCareerPower®Classic for Managers workshop is developed by Career Systems International based on the work of Dr Beverly Kaye, author of multiple books such as Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go and Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em.

In this workshop, managers develop critical skills to identify the Career Fit for employees. Through understanding employees’ values, skills and interests, they are better able to give developmental feedback and help employees identify their career audience and career paths.

They also learn to respond to tough questions in ways that builds employee trust and confidence. In the end, managers learn how to engage in more meaningful career development conversations, so that employees feel their careers matter in your organization and they can find career options to grow with you, for the longer term.

CareerPower®Classic for Managersis a one-day, facilitator-led experience that enables managers to:

  • Listen: Get employees to talk confidently about themselves and ask the right questions.
  • Level: Reflect honestly through a series of awareness-building assessments.
  • Look Ahead: Realistically focus on the big picture and its impact on employees.
  • Leverage: Use what and who they know to create opportunities.
  • Link: Link employees to development resources, such as mentors, exposure and learning experiences.

In this workshop, managers will…

  • Learn to respond to tough questions on career development and build trust.
  • Hold development conversations using specific questions and focused inquiry.
  • Help their employees see, seek and seize opportunities.
  • Gain skills in having dialogues to support employees self-directing their careers.
  • Make introductions for employees to facilitate an internal support group.

The delivery options include:

  • Live instructor led events (1 day)
  • Keynotes (60 to 90 min)
  • Internal train-the-trainer programs
  • Flexible delivery options to accommodate different needs

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