Career Development

Career Power®: Develop, Learn and Progress in your Career

Do you want to:

  • Plan, manage and navigate 40 years of career?
  • Learn, grow and stay employed?
  • Know what makes you happy and creative at work?
  • Know how to take ownership of your career?
  • Find more career options, so up is not the only way?

We spend at least 1/3 of our lives at work. Most people enter the workforce with a vague idea of moving up in the organization. Many of us want to be happy, grow and do meaningful work. We pin our hopes on progressing quickly in an organization or climbing up with every job change. Career development is seen as upward movement. But the harsh reality is that there are not enough ‘up’ places even when we deserve it! So what is the alternative?

To grow, develop and feel successful in our careers, we need to think of career development as forward movement instead. The more possibilities and options we can generate for ourselves, the more flexible we can be to adapt to changes around us and be happy in our work. But it requires you to take control of your career development, because no one cares about your career more than you do!


Participants will learn an overview of our award winning career development model that helps them take ownership and plan for their careers:

  • Understand more about your interests, strengths and vales
  • Learn ways to manage your reputation and career audience
  • Identify future trends that will affect your industry
  • Explore different options, other than up
  • Leave a few specific steps to move forward in your career

This session will also help us take ownership of our careers. It will also reframe career development as learning and developing ourselves rather than waiting for promotions.

  • Person: Who are you?
  • Perspective: What do others think of you?
  • Place: What’s happening in the world of work?
  • Possibilities: What are your options?
  • Plan: What do you need to do?

45 to 90 minutes

For Whom

Anyone who wants to manage his or her career. This keynote will be suitable for career fairs within organizations.

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