Career Power Classic®

CPP CLASSICCareerPower® Classic for anyone interested in their careers.
CareerPower® Classic workshop is developed by Career Systems International based on the work of Dr Beverly Kaye, author of multiple books such as Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go and Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em. This is time tested award winning career planning framework.

How long is one’s career? Probably 40 years. How can employees navigate through these 40 years with the rapid pace of change? How can they remain relevant and contribute to the growth of the organization?

Employees need to reframe career development – from waiting for ‘things to happen’ to taking ownership, from career ladder to career rock wall and finally from promotions and positions to learning and options. Employees who grow in the organization will stay in the organization. Career planning is a necessity, no longer a nicety.

CareerPower Classic® is a flexible and engaging learning experience that guides individuals to manage their own development and career. Using practical tools and skill-building exercises through an award-winning framework, participants will learn about:

  • Person: Who am I?
  • Perspective: How do others see me?
  • Place: What’s changing in the world of work?
  • Possibilities: What are my options?
  • Plan: How can I achieve my goals?

In this workshop, participants will…

  • Apply the CareerPower® Classic model to design their own career development strategy.
  • Identify future trends and see the implications for their own career, so they can prepare for the future.
  • Discover their skills, interests and values; assess their reputation; learn to manage their personal “brand.”
  • Set career direction with multiple options, beyond just promotions.
  • Draft a development plan; prepare and practice career conversations.

The delivery options include:

  • Live instructor led events (1 day)
  • Keynotes (60 to 90 min)
  • Internal train-the-trainer programs
  • Flexible delivery options to accommodate different needs

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