Career Development: What Managers Can Do

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Career Development: Role of Managers in helping Employees Manage their Careers

Not only is it possible to help your employees manage their careers, it is also one of the most powerful thing you can do as a manager.

Watch this video clip by Beverly Kaye, author of best selling book ‘Up is Not the Only Way’ on what managers can do.

3 ‘S’ Model

  • Employees provide the Speak
  • Organization provide the Systems and Structure
  • Managers provide Support

5 things Managers can do

  • Listen: Get them talking about their interests, skills, values and context
  • Level: Get them reflecting about how others see their skills and development areas
  • Look ahead: Get them considering how their world of work is changing
  • Leverage: Get them analysing different career moves
  • Link: Get them moving on what and how they need to learn

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