Career Development: Today’s Meta-Priority

Last week, Julie Winkle Giulioni (co-author of Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go) and I spoke at the SHRM conference in New Orleans. Our session was entitled Career Development: Today’s Meta-Priority. The session was so well received, I wanted to share concepts from it in this blog.

In the past, career development was often considered a “nice-to-do” or “when you get around to it” activity. Today more and more organizations are viewing it as a necessity, as several studies link career and talent development to valued business metrics.

Leaders who prioritize career development think and act differently. They’ve incorporated ways to make career development a priority into their daily habits. Demonstrate your commitment to the development of your employees by trying one or more of these priorities.


Priority 1: Assume that everyone has the potential to learn and grow.

This mindset will inspire greater confidence in your employees.


Priority 2: Focus on an opportunity-filled future.

Realize that opportunity still knocks….it just opens different doors!


Priority 3: Cultivate peripheral vision.

Continuously refine your view of the big picture. Be aware of factors that affect your business, industry, and culture.

Priority 4: Treat career development as a daily part of the leadership role. 

Recognize and seize small moments within the context of daily work to connect with your employees.


Priority 5: View talent as an enterprise-wide resource. 

Don’t hoard talent!


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