Appreciative Inquiry

ai-spiralAppreciative Inquiry helps organizations get faster and sustained results in your organization. It increases performance by motivating people to create the change needed. It is a methodology, process and way of being that intentionally seeks to discover, celebrate and build on “what works” rather than fix “what is broken.” AI does not avoid problems, but reframes problems from weaknesses in the past to possibilities for the future.
By searching for the best in people and their organizations, AI builds trust, motivation and teamwork. This canincreases the quality and speed of achievement of organizational objectives and bring about significant business results. (have spacing here) Appreciative Inquiry grows out of applied social construction; it has been used to bring new results in a variety of industries and government settings around the world.


Using Appreciative Inquiry to Achieve Results

Appreciative Inquiry offers an alternative approach to tap into one’s strengths, inspired future and positive energy to ride the waves of change to emerge stronger and better. Appreciative Inquiry has been applied successfully at individual, team and organizational levels

This workshop designed for participants who would like to know more about appreciative inquiry. The focus is on gaining an appreciation of appreciative inquiry and its’ applications. This group of participants may be business managers and people interested in leading edge approaches to change and motivation at work.

  • What is Appreciative Inquiry?
  • Comparing AI and traditional problem solving
  • Why does AI work?
  • AI principles
  • The power of image, word and stories
  • Positive emotions, positive thoughts and positive actions
  • 4D process in AI: dream, design, deliver and destiny
  • Affirmative topic choice – choosing what we focus on
  • Designing powerful questions and interview guides
  • Crafting provocative propositions
  • Designing and facilitating AI summits
  • AI & strategic planning
  • Appreciative coaching
  • Sustaining positive change
  • Applications of Appreciative Inquiry in organizations
  • Using AI in your organization
  • Appreciative Inquiry in everyday work
  • Appreciative living
  • Appreciative inquiry in everyday work

In this workshop, participants will…:

  • Use AI in important organization issues to achieve business objectives
  • Harness the strengths of individuals, teams and organizations
  • Ask new and powerful questions that bring results
  • Motivate others through strengths and possibilities
  • Shift from “what’s wrong” to “what’s right” thinking
  • Consult using the AL approach to solve organizational problems
  • Coach others using a strengths-based process

This workshop is designed for participants who intend to incorporate or use Appreciative Inquiry at work. The focus is on gaining strong foundation in AI and the mechanics of designing and implementing an AI-based intervention for individuals, teams or organizations. This workshop design may include follow-up telecalls to review and support the participants’ applications of AI at work. This group of participants may be internal or external HR, business improvements consultants and line managers. Leaders, managers and change agents interested in a sustainable approach to achieve positive motivation, commitment and business results should attend as well.

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